About Us


LaManna Premier Group (LPG) is one of Australia’s largest fresh produce supply chain companies. LPG provides both its domestic and overseas customers with a single source of supply across a diverse range of fruit and vegetable categories. The Group’s farm production capacity spans all Australian states and includes open field growing as well as protected cropping.

LPG operations combine advanced ripening, packing and distribution centres in each capital city. Its central market trading floor footprint is the largest in the country.
LPG’s commitment to quality, industry knowledge, expertise and supply chain innovation means LPG deliver safe quality produce nationally and internationally.

LPG continues to invest in research and development, funding new frontiers in horticulture, packaging and cold transport and distribution.
As a growing business, we value our strong relationships with customers, suppliers, communities and our employees.

LPG is a company built on generations of expertise, integrity and quality. We believe that our products, processes and operations should be calculated to ensure pleased customers. We take great pride in delivering the freshest, tastiest and most enjoyable fruit and vegetables possible.