Farms and Growers

Our farming footprint extends to 2,000 acres of crops in the Northern Territory, far north and south east Queensland, Victoria’s Goulburn Valley and Virginia, South Australia. We also have a close working relationship with many of Australia’s finest growers to ensure LPG has an industry leading national supply chain.

Our Farms


A joint venture with the Borsato family, IBFC are dedicated to long term banana growing, produce around 340,000 cartons annually, with over 275 acres of crop and a further 100 acres being planted for the year.

DARWIN FRUIT FARMS (DFF), Humpty Doo, Northern Territory

A joint venture with Piñata Farms, DFF harvests approximate 1,000 acres of pineapples and mangoes crop, Circa 250,000 cartons pa.

LANCASTER FARMS, Lancaster, Victoria

Lancaster Farms is the Group’s newest investment. Phase One of which includes 5 hectares of a retractable roof facility in northern Victoria planned to produce hydroponically grown tomatoes.

PREMIER MERCURI FARMING, Goulburn Valley, Victoria

A joint venture with the Mercuri family with over 160 acres specialising in field grown tomatoes. The on-farm packing facility includes extensive cool storage and continuously test varieties to achieve the best field grown tomato.

DAUNT FARM, Emerald, Queensland

Farming 100 acres each season in a joint venture with the Daunt family, including watermelons and pumpkins, the farm is also utilised to trial special varieties.