Employee Development
Growing You



LPG is committed to the growth of our greatest asset, our people.

Growing You

Growing talent from within the organisation.

Advocating Diversity

Providing a wealth of diverse opportunities and experiences.

Building Confidence

Creating opportunities to thrive, while driving the next generation of leaders.

Our internship program offers individuals the opportunity to learn through a short-term placement.


The graduate program is a two-year program where tertiary educated graduates cycle through key business departments, allowing them to gain a broad understanding of the produce industry.


Download the Graduate & Internship Programs Brochure for more information.


This program is tailored for high-performing LPG employees with a focus on advancing technical skills and leadership possibilities. 

Download the High-Performance Brochure for more information.

Focusing on executive leadership, this program ensures that LPG is set for success, well into the future.


Download the Leadership Brochure for more information.



LPG partners with global ethical data exchange platform, SEDEX, confirming our adherence to responsible and sustainable business practices. 

Ensuring our commitment to ethical employment, we incorporate the ETI Base Code. 


This was founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation and reflects the most relevant international standards of labour practice.