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Darwin Fruit Farms

Darwin Fruit Farms (DFF) is our joint venture farm with Piñata Farms in the tropical Northern Territory.  Due to Panama TR4, DFF is the only commercial banana farm in the NT. 

DFF Products

Spanning a huge 369-hectares, DFF is fruitful year-round, growing the below products.


Cavendish bananas are grown, picked, and ripened in LPG's ripening facility on farm, then distributed to our customers.

Mangoes & Pinapples

Tropical pineapples and Honey Gold mangoes are grown outdoors. Honey Gold mangoes are ripened in LPG ripening facilities nationwide.

Pumpkins & Melons

Kent pumpkin, Butternut pumpkin, and seedless watermelon is grown at DFF, catering to LPG's year-round supply of pumpkin and melon.


TR4 Research & Development

LPG are invested in finding a solution for Panama TR4 – a fungus wilt disease affecting Cavendish banana plants by restricting their ability to absorb nutrients. 


In 2011, LPG partnered with the Queensland University of Technology on a TR4 resistance research program. Now in its second wave, the research continues to develop techniques that aim to build TR4 resistance in Cavendish banana plants. 



Tropical Northern Territory

Darwin provides a warm and coastal climate, making it the perfect place for tropical produce to flourish.

Weather Conditions

Australia's Northern Territory experiences less extreme wet and cyclone seasons than other Queensland locations.

Supply Protection

Less extreme weather conditions allow for supply consistency when other growing regions are impacted.