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LPG Cutri Fruit Global launches Tōpa


LPG’s International Division – LPG Cutri Fruit Global, is proud to have been selected as one of two exclusive marketers for Tōpa, which launched in China early January 2022, after 2 years in the making.

The TOPA brand was specifically aimed at the international and China markets.

Building the brand required research and an understanding of the value propositions and buyer trends in the international markets. Tōpa’s colours, language, typography, photography all combined, positioned Tōpa as a premium product, which aimed at attracting a buyer looking for quality, sweet Australian fruit.

So what is different about Tōpa?

Unlike other Australian grown nectarines, Tōpa fruit has a darker skin than most nectarines, which often includes some sugar spotting. The flesh has a very pure creamy background. When the fruit is grown and harvested the growers are constantly monitoring to ensure that the sweetness is balanced for the best eating experience. They do this by monitoring what is called the brix of the fruit. Tōpa fruit is at its best when brix is between 13-16.

Currently grown in Swan Hill, Riverland and Goulburn Valley, Tōpa has a crunchy, sweet, reliable and consistent texture and taste. It is perfect for children and adults, Crunchy, but easy on the teeth for elderly relatives too.

With a focus on flavour and quality, the first year of TOPA in the market has been successful.

LPG’s international division, LPG Cutri Fruit Global is proud to be one of two exclusive marketers over a 3 year period.

Congratulations on a great launch!