Growing for a
Sustainable Future



Sustainability to us, means ensuring a sustainable supply of fresh produce and a prosperous Australian horticulture industry for generations to come.

Economic Resilience

People & Communities

Environmental Leadership

Stakeholder Value

– Meeting annual financial targets.

– Growing profitability sustainably.

– Ensuring the financial viability and sustainability of our stakeholders.


– A safe workplace that promotes diversity, career opportunity, and human rights.
– Leveraging talents of all LPG employees and delivering Growing You programmes.
– Supporting Australian communities through active involvement in various initiatives.
– Providing safe, nutritious products for customers that meet or exceed food safety standards.​

– Reducing food waste across the supply chain.

– Investing in sustainable growing techniques & packaging solutions.

– Reducing energy use and exploring the use of renewable energy whenever possible.




– Working with stakeholders to drive growth, value, trust and a willingness to work closely alongside each other.
– Conducting business ethically and with integrity.
– Increasing supplier loyalty through strengthening relationships, being competitive and adding value.
– Ensuring that products and services are sourced under environmental, social and ethical guidelines.​