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The secret ingredients to Australia’s BEST Banana Smoothie


Sunday, May 1st marked a special day on the Australian calendar, and one that is particularly close to LaManna Premier Group’s collective heart: National Banana Day. To celebrate the occasion, we asked you to tell us your secret ingredient to the best ever banana smoothie – and tell us you did!

We received hundreds of entries that had so many wonderful and sometimes wonderfully weird flavour combinations. You’ve shown us that a banana smoothie can be sweet or salty, creamy or spicy, nutty or wholesome, and sometimes all of these at once. It begs the question – is there any addition the banana cannot abide, any flavour it cannot enhance? Probably, so let’s forget that question and move right along to announcing our winners!

You have spoken and fate has helped us decide – in no particular order, here are the banana’s top 16 partners in blended crime. First up is a classic and clear favourite: cinnamon! As one participant puts it, “tastes like banana cake only blended” (another participant skips the simile by blending banana cake straight into their smoothie – genius). The spice rack is home to more winners: nutmeg and turmeric are popular variations on a fragrant theme, and vanilla makes a great addition in any of its forms – essence, extract, paste, drops or beans fresh from the pod.

Another frontrunner on the blending circuit is honey, with golden syrup as a less common but undoubtedly equally delicious alternative. Similarly, the supremely popular peanut butter joins our winners alongside its more exotic friend tahini, which is made from sesame seeds. In other exotic variations, one participant adds açaí – “gives it a ‘Brazil’lliant taste” – while another adds fresh coconut flesh and water for a tropical vibe, which others achieve in a more decadent fashion with coconut cream (add pineapple and you’ve got yourself a pina colada!).

Many of you give the banana a dairy pairing: milk, yoghurt and their more indulgent friend ice cream all make regular appearances on the smoothie scene in a variety of flavours, but one innovator instead adds cottage cheese – high in protein and low in fat, it’s a recipe you won’t regret. Another entrant shares their natural shortcut to a salted caramel banana smoothie, made with date paste and a pinch of salt. Finally, our last three winners are inspired additions: licorice, lemon juice and mint each boldly complement the humble banana for smoothies that surprise and delight.

Likewise, we at LPG have been surprised and delighted by your myriad and marvellous entries – so many new combinations to try! A big congratulations to our sixteen winners, and an equally big thank you to all those who participated. Blend on!